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Zohre never expected her later career.

Zohre Esmaeli grows up in Kabul, Afghanistan and escapes to Germany together with her family in 1998–a long journey full of deprivation and disconcerting experiences for the thirteen-year-old. A model scout spotted her while shopping when she was 17 and Esmaeli took it as a chance to build an independent life and jumpstart a professional career.

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A short while later she moves to Paris as the first step into becoming a successful model. Fashion capitals like Milan, London and New York follow. She’s also at home in Istanbul for a short time before moving back to Germany. But modelling is not enough for her: Zohre Esmaeli wants to share her experiences with other people in similar situations to ease their start into a new life. That’s why she initiates different integrative projects like “Culture Coaches” and supports organisations like “Afghanistan – Hilfe, die Ankommt e.V.”

In 2016 she won the Change Award for her versatile dedication.

Zohre Esmaelis autobiography “Meine neue Freiheit – Von Kabul über den Laufsteg zu mir selbst” was published in 2014 and tells her very personal history.

Next to her modelling jobs she’s a successful entrepreneur with different self-initiated projects that show that one can do anything with courage and strength of will. She includes her personal history in her authentic presentations and passes on her motivation. Zohre Esmaeli speaks with optimism and emphasis about means to overcome cultural differences and brings her audience to take their wants and needs seriously and put changes into action. She’s a welcome guest in TV shows and radio like “Lanz”, “Thadeusz” and “Deutschlandradio” thanks to her inspiring personality.